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The Jolt EX-1 is an external mechanism Nerf blaster that was released in 2011 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with two Whistler Darts and instructions. The N-Strike Elite version comes packaged with two Elite Darts and instructions. The Zombie Strike version comes packaged in the Target Set.


The Jolt is a single-shot pocket blaster. Its priming mechanism extends out the bottom of its handle.

It is capable of vacuum-loading darts if it is primed while a dart is already loaded into the muzzle. Like most blasters of its type, it doesn't accept Streamline Darts without modification.

The top of the blaster's barrel is capable of attaching its proprietary clip-on sight.

Official description


The Jolt was re-released under the unofficial Elite Repaint series in 2013, where it was released in opaque blue, similar to that of N-Strike Elite blasters. This Jolt was given an additional orange plastic muzzle to accommodate the change in color. It also received translucent orange, blue and green color schemes. That same year, a reshelled version called the Stinger was released under the Dart Tag series.

The Jolt was re-released in 2014 as a Zombie Strike blaster, included in the Target Set alongside a clip-on sight.

In 2015, it was re-released under the N-Strike Elite line. Like the original, it has a lack of a plastic muzzle found on other modern versions, as the blaster is opaque orange. It was also reshelled as the Rebelle Improv this same year.

It was re-released as another reshell in 2016 as the Zombie Strike Clampdown and the N-Strike Elite PocketStrike. A sub-series released in 2018, Micro Shots, consists solely of re-shelled Jolts.

Color schemes

The Jolt has been released with the following color schemes:


The Jolt has been reshelled as the following unique blasters:

Value packs

There is a value pack of the Mega ThunderBow that includes five Mega Darts, a Jolt, three Elite Darts, and three targets. The targets are recolored versions of the targets included with the Target Set, which also includes a Jolt.

There is another value pack of the Jolt EX-1 which contains the Jolt and seventy-five Elite Darts. This set is an Amazon exclusive and features a unique Jolt similar to the N-Strike Elite version.


Because of its size and simple internals, there is little to no room for modification for the Jolt. Removal of the air restrictor may actually cause problems with darts blocking the air chamber. It is, however, a good candidate for a blaster integration due to its size.

The majority of the blaster is one solid piece, rather than two halves like many others. The only separate pieces are the trigger mechanism, the plunger, and a plate from which the plunger projects.


  • The Jolt is one of two N-Strike blasters (the other being the Rayven CS-18) to have a non-standard color scheme and have no number code printed on the blaster's shell.
  • Worn darts are known to slide out of the blaster when it is primed. This is due to the air restrictor.
  • In February of 2017, the Jolt became the subject of a Nerf YouTube comment meme, in which users in the comments sections of Nerf-related videos would claim that any (and all) blasters presented in such videos are "a Jolt re-skin," which is another term for a Jolt reshell or repaint. This meme supposedly arose due to the fact that at the time, Nerf had been releasing a seemingly large amount of blasters that were similar to the Jolt.
    • The meme became even more purposely absurd as users jokingly started to use the term "Jolt re-skin" to refer to blasters that had nothing mechanically in common with the Jolt, such as clip system blasters or flywheel-powered blasters.
    • The meme became further reinforced when Nerf YouTuber Coop772 uploaded a joke video about a conspiracy theory, in which the Longshot CS-12, Stryfe, Chainsaw, and Coop's tin foil hat were "revealed" to actually be a Jolt re-skin.
    • Coincidentally, the Micro Shots series consists of Jolt-like blasters modeled after existing blasters from other series.
  • Including reshells and color scheme re-releases, there are eighty-three variations of the Jolt.


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