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The IonFire is a Nerf blaster that was released in spring of 2016 under the N-Strike Modulus series.

It comes packaged with a detachable barrel extension, a four dart ammo rail, four Elite Darts, and instructions.


The IonFire is a single-shot blaster with a breech-action priming mechanism, similar to the N-Strike SharpFire and the AccuStrike Series FalconFire. It features a built-in carry handle, similar to the one found on the Modulus ECS-10. It also features compatibility with detachable shoulder stocks and barrel extensions. Notably, the IonFire lacks the plastic nub that locks barrel extensions into place when attached. The Proximity Barrel and Spectre barrel extension do not have this problem, however.

There are two tactical rails: one on the carry handle and one under the blaster, in front of the firing trigger.

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The IonFire features a direct plunger system.


  • There have been many reported incidents of the IonFire being primed while still in the box. This has lead to spring compression, and decreased performance of the blaster.
  • Although the blaster has the potential to carry up to five darts in total, it only comes with four.
  • It is the only non-attachment Modulus blaster to not be clip-fed.
  • Unlike most blasters, the IonFire doesn't have its name molded or painted on the blaster's shell.


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