The Scout IX-3, an example of an internal mechanism blaster.

An internal mechanism (abbreviated as IX with N-Strike number codes, also known as internal single fire) blaster is a type of N-Strike dart blaster. They usually single-fire a dart, loaded by the muzzle (with the exception of the Barrel Break IX-2). They also often have dart holders located on the blaster for quick reload.


Unlike external mechanism blasters, internal mechanism blasters are internally primed, because of this, it takes up less space when primed. Older IX blasters have reverse plunger systems. This makes them less powerful than EX blasters and less popular in the modification community. The advantage to the reverse plunger system, is that it allows for very compact slide-action blasters, as opposed to the pull back system of the direct plunger single-shot ones.

Internal mechanism blasters

Name Year
Scout Scout IX-3 2003
Reflex II Reflex IX-1 2009
Barrel Break IX-2 Barrel Break IX-2 2010


  • The Unity Power System DVD refers to the Maverick REV-6 as the "Prototype IX-6", implying that the blaster was initially intended to be an IX blaster before it gained the REV designation.

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