The Shadow ICS-6, an example of an internal clip system blaster.

Not to be confused with the system using the same number code.

An internal clip system (abbreviated as ICS with N-Strike number codes) blaster is a category of Nerf blasters that use a built in non-removable clip to store darts.


Internal clip system blasters use an internal clip built into the shell of the blaster to store darts. They are generally loaded from the top one at a time, like a clip system clip. The idea of internal clip merges the concept of the clip system itself with simpler muzzle-loading blasters. Internal clips can also allow users to have to carry no clips on their person, which eases bulk.

Internal clip system blasters

"ICS" blasters

Name Year
ShadowICS6 Shadow ICS-6 2019

Other internal clip system blasters

Name Year
Quick16pic Quick 16 2011
Speedload6pic Speedload 6 2011
1374765 356638724470310 636488361 n Magnus 2014
HanSoloBlaster Han Solo Blaster 2016
ReyBlaster Rey (Jakku) Blaster 2016
260B9DC6BA4A4BF4A3393E2D12EBFB98 Rey (Island Journey) Blaster 2017
GlowstrikeSoloBlaster Han Solo Blaster 2018
Tobias Beckett Blaster Tobias Beckett Blaster 2018

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