The Battlescout ICS-10, an example of an indexing clip system blaster.

Not to be confused with the system using the same number code.

An indexing clip system (abbreviated as ICS with N-Strike number codes) blaster is a category of clip-fed Nerf blasters that use an indexing, proprietary clip instead of a standard N-Strike clip system clip.


Despite the name, indexing clip system blasters are not compatible with clip system clips such as the six dart clip or the eighteen dart clip. They are meant to only use the clips with which they come packaged with. Depending on the design, the clip can be removed or they can also be fixed to the blaster. Additionally, clips can index either horizontally or vertically.


The term was first used with the 2016 N-Strike Modulus Battlescout ICS-10 and was not a part of the initial codes used by N-Strike blasters dating back to 2004.

List of indexing clip system blasters

"ICS" blasters

Name Year
Battlescout Battlescout ICS-10 2016
41i-bsSPFiL. AC US218 Rukkus ICS-8 2019

Other indexing clip system blasters

Name Year
Thunderhawk Thunderhawk 2018
Nailbiter Nailbiter 2019


  • Unlike the clip system or internal clip system, indexing clip system blasters utilize a true, harmonica-style clip, while the other two clip systems technically use magazines instead of clips.
  • The "ICS" number code is also used for the internal clip system.
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