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Not to be confused with the 2016 N-Strike Elite blaster of a similar name.

The Hyperfire is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2004 under the Street Zone series.

It comes packaged with a set of matching Vision Gear and ten Tagger Micro Darts.


The Hyperfire is a top-prime, single-fire blaster with a ten dart turret. It features a single short tactical rail on top of it, and an iron sight in front of that.

Official description


The Hyperfire was the first Dart Tag blaster to be released, and was initially referred to as the Dart Tag Blaster. Its later re-release into the Dart Tag series proper renamed it to the Hyperfire.

For a period of time, it was the official Nerf Dart Tag League blaster. However, it was replaced by the Furyfire in 2009.

Color schemes

The Hyperfire has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Blue, silver, black, lime green, and orange
  • Green, white, silver, black, and orange
  • Orange, silver, black, and lime green
  • Red, silver, black, lime green, and orange

Blaster sets

The Hyperfire was also available for purchase with the Complete 2-Player System and the Hyperfire Deluxe 2-Player Set. It also has its own blaster set, which includes a Scoring Vest.


  • Most tactical rail accessories, such as the Blast Shield, won't perfectly fit on the Hyperfire. This is due to the size of the Hyperfire's tactical rail, along with its iron sights.
  • The odd shape of the priming mechanism and the tension of the spring can make this blaster hard to prime sometimes.
  • This blaster was the longest available Dart Tag blaster, from 2004 until 2010/2011, when it became significantly less common.
  • Some of this blaster's parts (the priming handle and turret, and possibly some of the internals) were used in 2011 for the Robo Power Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster.



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