Hyper Sight is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1998.


The Hyper Sight series features a technical, precision theme, similar to that of the 1996 Cyber Stryke Gear series; most larger blasters have integrated scopes and faux dials detailed onto them. The blasters in this series have an emphasis on accuracy.


The series began and ended within the same year. Certain blasters in the series continued on to later years, most notably the Big Bad Bow, which continued on to several further series.

This series was the sister line of the Mega Blitz line; both of which replaced certain aspects of the Cyber Stryke Gear line in 1998.

Hyper Sight products


Name Year
Nerf-big-bad-bow Big Bad Bow 1998
Nerf hyper sight expand a blast Expand-a-Blast 1998
LOCKNLOAD Lock 'n Load 1998
MonoBlast Mono Blast 1998
RangeShotAngled Range Shot 1998
RatchetBlastBlaster Ratchet Blast 1998


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