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Hyper is an upcoming series of Nerf ball blasters that will be released in 2021[1].


The Hyper series features high-capacity, hopper-fed blasters for Nerfers ages fourteen and up in mind, similar to the RIVAL series. The blasters use a new type of smaller round roughly half the size of standard RIVAL High-Impact Rounds.


The entire line was leaked in March of 2020 through online retailers.[2] It was officially announced on February 25, 2021.[1]

Hyper products


Name Year
Hyper mach.png Mach-100 2021
Hyper rush.png Rush-40 2021
Hyper siege.png Siege-50 2021


Name Year
Hyper 50canister.png 50-Round Reload Canister 2021
Hyper 100canister.png.png 100-Round Reload Canister 2021
Hypermask.webp Face Mask 2021


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