Not to be confused with the Hydro Cannon Super Soaker.

The Hydro Bazooka is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1992 under the Hydro series.


This product is rare due to the series being quickly discontinued after being launched. The blaster can fire up to six blasts of water according to the packaging of the blaster.

It features the ability to fire both water and Ballistic Balls. A fake Ballistic Ball attached to a plastic cable is used when the user wants to fire only water. This acts as a stop-gap to prevent water from falling out of the blaster, and can also be used to fake-out opponents. It operates very similarly to the 1989 Blast-a-Ball and the 1990 Blast-a-Matic.


This blaster has a rather confusing history. It was the only blaster from the Hydro line to be released, although info surrounding its release is unknown. On many early Nerf websites, it is left unmentioned, and there are many conflicting dates of release. It is generally assumed to be from 1992, however, due to box copyrights and appearances.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Hydro Bazooka, simply insert one Ballistic Ball into the front of the blaster. In order to insert water, fill the blaster's reservoir and screw the cap back on.

To fire the blaster, simply pull the handle backwards until it cannot go back any further, and quickly push the handle forwards in order to fire a Ballistic Ball or water.