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Hydro is a series of Nerf products that was released in 1992.


The series features two water-themed products. These products were poorly received by the public, forcing the cancellation of the line and products.

A similar series, Switch Shots, was released in 1999.


Due to lack of available information, it is unknown whether or not the series was introduced in 1992 or 1993. It is speculated to be 1992, although the series did not make an appearance in the 1992 Kenner Guide, only to be seen in the 1993 catalog. This could hint at a late 1992 release, as the 1992 Kenner Guide had been released in very early 1992.

Hydro products


Name Year released
HydroBazooka.png Hydro Bazooka 1992
HarpoonCrossbowNew.jpeg Harpoon Crossbow Cancelled


Name Year released
Hydroball.jpg Hydro Ball 1992
Hydro-Torpedoes-Card.jpeg Hydro Torpedo 1994


  • The Harpoon Crossbow was planned to be released after the Hydro Bazooka. However, due to bad popularity of the line, it was patented, but never released.