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The Hurricane is an X-Shot blaster that was released in 2015.

It comes packaged with a ten dart clip and depending on the package, either ten or twelve Excel Darts.


The Hurricane is a clip-fed blaster that is extremely similar to the Nerf Recon CS-6 and Retaliator, as the Hurricane also has a top prime.

On both sides is a clip release button. This can be pressed to remove the clip when the top is moved back.

It advertises a firing range of up to eighty feet (twenty-four meters).


The Hurricane is not compatible with Nerf clip system clips, due to its own clips being sized specifically for the shorter Excel darts. Elite Darts, Streamline Darts, and Adventure Force darts (such as Long Distance Darts) will all get stuck and fail to feed properly, due to their length.

Official description


Like other X-Shot blasters, the Hurricane was re-released with a white and blue color scheme to match the rest of the line.

Color schemes

The Hurricane was released in the following color schemes:

  • Yellow, blue, and orange
  • White, blue, and orange

Blaster sets

A Hurricane is included in the Max Attack & Hurricane blaster set.


  • The Hurricane was used as the core blaster with the 2018 Max Attack, with integrated barrel extension and shoulder stock accessories.


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