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Hot Shot is a series of Nerf products that was released in 1981.


The Hot Shot series features a line of soft, foam cars which are launched via a launcher accessory, similar to other toy lines such as Mattel's Hot Wheels brand.


Hot Shot was the second Nerf line based around cars; the first was the 1973 Nerf-Mobile line.

It was discontinued in 1982, with the Hot Shot Dragsters set being the last one released under the series.

The later Nitro series, released in 2017, may have taken inspiration from the Hot Shot series, as it too revolves around launching cars to perform stunts through hoops, similar to that seen in the Stunt Car Set. As such, it may act as a successor of sorts to Hot Shot.

Hot Shot products

Product sets

Name Year
HotShotCars.JPG Hot Shot Car and Launcher 1981
HotShotSet.JPG Stunt Car Set 1981
HotShotDragsters.png Hot Shot Dragsters 1982