A hopper is an ammunition holding device used with ball blasters such as Nerf RIVAL blasters, Adventure Force Tactical Strike blasters, and Dart Zone BallistixOps blasters.


Hoppers are simple ammunition holders, with a similar function to magazines. Hoppers are essentially empty containers that are used to hold loose ammunition, such as High-Impact Rounds, Tactical Strike Rounds, or Power Strike Rounds. Unlike magazines, hoppers do not feature followers and and feed rounds into the blaster via gravity. Hoppers have an opening at the top for loading more ammunition, as rounds can simply be thrown into the hopper for feeding. They also have an opening at the bottom for feeding into a blaster's hopper well; usually, a mechanism blocks the opening when the hopper is detached to prevent rounds from falling out. As they rely on gravity for feeding, they work best when right-side up, and sometimes they need to be shaken for rounds to feed properly. Some blasters, such as the 2018 Accelerator, have a built-in agitator that helps with feeding. Hoppers have a preferred ammunition capacity, although it can be easily exceeded by squishing in more ammunition. However, this may cause feeding issues.

Nerf RIVAL hoppers are usually high capacity, ranging from fifty to 200 High-Impact Rounds per load. While Nerf hoppers are detachable from their patron blasters, their large size makes carrying multiple hoppers for reloading cumbersome, in addition to how unwieldy it is to remove hoppers. They were mainly designed to be detachable for getting access to the blaster's feeding mechanism or to load it somewhere else without it being attached to the blaster.

Prime Time Toys Tactical Strike/BallistixOps hoppers are smaller in capacity, ranging from eight to forty Tactical Strike/Power Strike Rounds per piece. Unlike Nerf RIVAL hoppers, these are smaller in size, meaning that carrying multiple hoppers is more feasible for quickly reloading. Additionally, all hopper-fed blasters under these series' are fed through hopper wells that are also compatible with RIVAL magazines. Despite this, Tactical Strike/BallistixOps hoppers are not compatible with Nerf RIVAL blasters, due to the blaster's magazine wells being too long, as well as the fact that most RIVAL blasters feed magazines horizontally or right-side up. A hopper would require a magazine well to feed upside-down so that gravity would feed rounds into the blaster. Ironically, Nerf has not released any hopper-fed blaster that is also cross-compatible with magazines.

Dart hoppers

Dart-loaded hoppers have been used within the modification and homemade blaster community as a way to automatically load darts. These hoppers, unlike RIVAL-compatible hoppers, are vertical in design, with darts loaded in a line, rather than in a big container. They are attached to blaster at an angle, as to help gravity auto-feed darts down and into position.

The only two stock blasters to feature a dart hopper are the 2018 Adventure Force Commandfire and the 2019 Dart Zone Destructor.

Hopper variations


Name Year Patron blaster
Nemesishopper Nemesis hopper 2017 Nemesis MXVII-10K
Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 4.16.36 PM Prometheus hopper 2018 Prometheus MXVIII-20K
PersesModel3 Perses hopper 2019 Perses MXIX-5000

Tactical Strike/BallistixOps

Name Year
Unknown Eight round hopper 2017
40 round hopper tactical strike Twenty-five round hopper 2017
Unknown Forty round hopper 2018
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