The Helmet Cam is a Nerf-branded Sakar International product that was released in 2013.


The Helmet Cam is one of Sakar International's 2013 electronic Nerf product lineup. This particular product is capable of recording footage after being mounted onto a surface. A 1.5" LCD screen seen on the front of the product reveals previews of the footage recorded when played back. The footage itself is recorded in 640 x 480 resolution. As a bonus, three helmet mounts and one bicycle mount are included, providing the ability to attach the helmet cam to specific items.[2]

The Helmet Cam advertises free video editing software built it, though the likelihood of this being of any professional-level quality is slim. The product does not, however, include an SD card nor batteries to be able to power the camera itself.


There have been some concerns raised about the product quality of the Helmet Cam like many outsourced Nerf products. Some customers have reported feeling as if they were misled by the product based on how little it can actually function right out of the packaging.[3] In addition to coming with no batteries or SD card, the Helmet Cam is incapable of recording any sound whatsoever.

Battery issues have also been reported from the Helmet Cam.[1]Lastly, the Helmet Cam may go into a state where it is impossible to shut off for extended periods of time.[3]


  • Despite the immense possibilities of having the Helmet Cam be compatible with tactical rail technology, allowing for the cam to be placed onto blasters, the Helmet Cam is not compatible with any tactical rail or blaster.



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