The Helios XVIII-700 is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2018 under the RIVAL series.

It comes packaged with seven High-Impact Rounds, a seven round magazine, and instructions.


The Helios is a single-fire blaster that is loaded through the use of magazines, which are loaded through the blaster's handle. The Helios bears similarity to the Apollo XV-700 with the exception that it is bolt-action rather than slide-action. The bolt is also spring-retractable, which means when pulled back, it will automatically return to its starting position. The bolt is removable and can be fitted to either side of the blaster.[1] On the left hand side of the blaster, there is a jam door.[2] The Helios also has a sling mount on the back, and on the front is a small grip.

Official description


The standard RIVAL Helios is a re-release of the previous Phantom Corps variant that was released earlier in the same year.

Color schemes

The Helios has been released with the following color schemes:


  • The Helios XVIII-700 was named after Helios from Greek mythology, who was the personification of the sun.
    • Helios is closely associated with Apollo, both being deities associated with the sun. Possibly in reference to this, the Helios and the Apollo XV-700 are rather similar, with it having likely been created as an answer to complaints about the Apollo - the end of the blaster not being comfortable, no sling mount, and being hard to prime. The bolt-action priming of the Helios seems to be an upgrade to the small pump handle on the top of the Apollo. Because of this, the Helios is considered a direct successor to the Apollo.[citation needed]
  • Using the unjamming feature inadvertently allows the Helios to be loaded and primed twice, allowing the blaster to fire two rounds at once.


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