The Hammerstorm is a Nerf blaster that was released in spring of 2020 under the Alpha Strike series.

It comes packaged with eight Elite Darts.

It is a Target exclusive in the United States.


The Hammerstorm is a hammer-action blaster, similar to that of the Zombie Strike Hammershot and the Negotiator. It features an eight dart cylinder.

On the front of the Hammerstorm is a barrel extension point. Three sling attachment points are also present on the Hammerstorm; two near the front and one on the bottom.

Two tactical rails are present on the blaster, one being on top, and another smaller rail on the bottom. Near the Hammerstorm's firing trigger are holes to store up to eight darts. This makes the Hammerstorm the first Alpha Strike blaster to feature attachment points.

Official description


The Hammerstorm was first found price only on online listings in a German toy retailer in late 2019. In late January that next year, the Hammerstorm was spotted in a catalogue from British retailer Argos.


  • The Hammerstorm and the Flyte CS-10 are the first and so far only Alpha Strike blasters to feature attachment points of any sort.
  • So far, the Hammerstorm is also the only Alpha Strike blaster that does not use the series' number code conventions.
  • Strangely, the Hammerstorm's catalogue listing sports it with a black trigger rather than an orange trigger.
  • For some reason, the stock image of the Hammerstorm shows the darts in the cylinder slightly sticking out, when they should sit flush with cylinder itself.
  • Unlike most other Alpha Strike blasters, the Hammerstorm does not have the Alpha Strike logo molded on the shell. It is instead printed on one side below the cylinder.
    • Though outlines in the shape of the logo can be seen above the grip suggesting preproduction models may have had logo molded on both sides.
  • Reviewers note that the build quality is far higher than other Alpha Strike blasters and much closer to that of regular Nerf blasters. It is not known if this was necessary for the design, if the blaster was originally intended for another series, or another reason.
  • This is the first Alpha Strike blaster not to come packaged with extra darts.


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