The Hammershot is a revolver Nerf blaster that was released on August 4th, 2013 under the Zombie Strike series.

It comes packaged with five Zombie Strike Darts and instructions.


The Hammershot is essentially the "brother" blaster to the Rebelle Sweet Revenge; unlike the Sweet Revenge, it features a faux-wood finish on its handle and fake fabric wrapped around it. Like its name suggests, it is primed via a hammer, and is one of the first blasters to utilize this design. It also sports a tactical rail on top of the blaster and has a strap point for a sling or bandolier on the end of the handle. The Z-Strike logo is located just behind the forward mounted five dart cylinder.

Official description


The blaster was known in production stages as the "Hammer-5". Some differences between the final and prototype blaster include the handle's lack of a fabric wrap design, adjustments to the front, as well as various color changes.

The Hammershot was released alongside the SledgeFire fall of 2013. The Hammershot was originally a Target exclusive, but has since then has been released in other retail stores, such as Toys "R" Us and Walmart.


  • This is the second non-electronic Nerf blaster that can be dual wielded, the first being the Dart Tag Snapfire 8. Others include similar designs in the Doomlands 2169 series with the Persuader, the Negotiator, and the Lawbringer, all of which feature hammer-action priming mechanisms. Previous multi-shot single action designs such as the N-Strike Maverick REV-6 could be primed with one hand by using a sling or catching the slide another object, but this was an improvised solution.
  • The Hammershot, along with the Sweet Revenge, are the first Nerf blasters to accurately mimic the user interaction of operating a real single action revolver.
  • Many Nerfers consider the Hammershot to be the main rival to the standard pistols such as the N-Strike Elite Strongarm and the Disruptor, as it has a similar rotating barrel but can be used single-handedly.
  • The Hammershot has a sensitive trigger, occasionally resulting in accidentally firing darts. Real firearm safety training is encouraged to use the Hammershot to the best of the user's ability.
  • Younger Nerfers will likely need two hands to operate the blaster, whereas older Nerfers should have no trouble firing two Hammershots at once.


The full image gallery for Hammershot may be viewed at Hammershot/Gallery.


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