The Gyro Missile is a type of Nerf missile.


The Gyro Missile is similar to a regular missile, but is yellow and has a long red tip and without any wings. It is made of two different types of foam, which are connected about a centimeter off of the tip of the missile. The red tip of the missile is constructed of light foam, while the remainder of the missile is rather rigid. Despite the size it is quite light and does not weigh a lot.[1] The tip is slightly wider in diameter than the missile body to serve the purpose of feeding into the magazine of the blaster; the magazine has a small notch on the side where the missiles are to be fed, allowing the missiles to remain in the blaster and not releasing out when tilted slightly backwards.

One must handle their missiles with care when operating a Gyro Strike, not due to the rarity of the ammunition itself, but due to its ability to bend and crease. Just as older missiles were prone to warping, decreasing accuracy significantly, Gyro Missiles suffer from the same general problem.


It was only ever used with the Gyro Strike and did not make any further appearances with any other blasters. Gyro missiles were officially sold in refill packs by Hasbro long after the blaster itself was discontinued.

Refill sizes

Gyro Missile refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
GyroMissileRefill 2 ?


  • Despite being discontinued and not being compatible with today's blasters, it could still be ordered online with an order form from Hasbro until as late as 2013. As of 2014, the option to purchase Gyro Missiles have been removed.
  • Early prototype shots show that the Gyro Missiles were originally going to be green and red, and not yellow and red like in the final product.
  • On packaging art for the Gyro Strike, the missiles are shown to have a head far thicker than the body in diameter, though this is not the case for the true product.


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