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The Folding Grip, an example of a Nerf tactical rail grip.

A grip is a accessory rail accessory that is meant to improve stability when firing a blaster.


Attachable grips are equipped to compatible blasters through the use of an accessory rail, like the Nerf tactical rail.

Despite the function of a grip being to improve one's stability, grips are known to be less stable that advertised.[citation needed]


The first Nerf tactical rail-compatible grip was the 2012 Assault Grip, released with the N-Strike Elite Retaliator.

List of grips


Tactical rail grips

Name Year released
200px-Retaliatorgrip.JPG Assault Grip 2012
DropGrip.jpg Drop Grip 2015
PivotGrip.jpg Folding Grip 2015
GripBlaster.jpg Grip Blaster 2016

RIVAL tactical rail grips

Name Year released
NERF RIVAL Flashlight Grip Accessory.jpg Flashlight Grip 2017

Adventure Force

Name Year released
Spectrum foregrip.png Spectrum foregrip 2020


  • The 2010 Pop-Out Bipod has a secondary function as a detachable grip, but is not advertised as one.