The Gatlin' Storm was a proposed Nerf blaster that was to be released under the Mega Blitz series in 1998.


If released, the Gatlin' Storm would have a rotating barrel that holds twelve Mega Darts.


The Gatlin Storm' was planned to be released and was about to be, but the AirJet Power line became very successful and began to overshadow the Mega Blitz line, making it vastly more popular. Due to the Gatlin' Storm not being an air-powered blaster, it was cancelled around Christmas of 1999.[1][2]

Despite some reports about the blaster being ready for production and even reports of the blaster being shipped to stores,[3] the Gatlin' Storm was dropped and its series was discontinued shortly after.

If released, it is possible other blasters could have been released in the Mega Blitz line.


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