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The Galactagon is a Nerf Koosh ball blaster that was released in 2013 under the Koosh Galaxy series.

It comes packaged with five (one blue "Kaptain Koosh" Faceball and four yellow) Koosh Galaxy Balls and instructions.


The Galactagon is a blue ball blaster that features a rotating pentagon in the center of the blaster to help improve capacity and rate of fire. It features a total capacity of five, the highest currently in the line. The blaster itself uses a simple mechanism previously seen in the Komet Hunter and the Star Scout.


It was among the final two blasters in the Koosh Galaxy series, alongside the Komet Hunter. The blasters likely had short or cut-off production runs due to the parent series being discontinued in the same year, making them both rare blasters to find.


  • The name "Galactagon" is a combination of the words "galaxy", from the series' name, and "pentagon", for the shape of the blaster's "turret".