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The Galactagon is a Nerf Koosh blaster that was released in 2013 under the Koosh Galaxy series.

It comes packaged with five (one blue "Kaptain Koosh" Faceball and four yellow) Koosh Galaxy Balls and instructions.


The Galactagon is a slide-action ball blaster that features a pentagonal turret that holds up to five balls at a time. Though it lacks a trigger and appears to be bow-action, the blaster fires upon pulling back the priming rod, rather than on release of the priming rod. The turret auto-advances upon pushing the rod back to its resting position.

The firing mechanism will not engage if a ball is not in the firing chamber. However, the turret will still rotate.

There is an attachment point atop the blaster for a Koosh Ball Clip to be attached to.


The Galactagon was meant to be a part of a second wave of Koosh Galaxy blasters in 2013, alongside the Komet Hunter. These plans were ultimately cancelled, but both blasters still had a very short window of availability in stores.[1]


  • The name "Galactagon" is a combination of the words "galaxy", from the series' name, and "pentagon", for the shape of the blaster's turret.
  • It is the only Koosh Galaxy blaster with a turret.
  • It is the only Koosh Galaxy blaster with a single-word name.
  • It has the highest capacity of any Koosh Galaxy blaster - five balls.



  1. Mr. K (2014-05-18). Koosh Galactagon Review (Comment). Buffdaddy Nerf. Archived from the original on 2021-05-15. Retrieved on 2022-05-25. “Congratulations on finding this! I was told by the head of marketing for Nerf that this blaster wouldn't see shelves, so this is probably one of the few that squeaked by before the Koosh Galaxy line was axed.”