The Fusefire is a Nerf disc blaster that was released in 2014 under the Zombie Strike series. It requires three "AAA" batteries to "charge" its discs.

It comes packaged with five Glow-In-The-Dark Discs and instructions.


The Fusefire features a single, green tactical rail on top, a horizontal integrated magazine, a sling point in its handle, and a disc storage space for up to five discs under its muzzle. The blaster's batteries are stored in its handle. The jam release switch is located on the priming slide.

The internal magazine can hold up to five discs, while an additional five can be stored in the front storage slots.

The blaster is unique from the rest of the Zombie Strike blasters, as it can charge glow-in-the-dark ammunition. The translucent green tactical rail lights up when the glow-in-the-dark charger is turned on.

Official description

Reloading and firing

To load the blaster, insert up to five discs into the slot on the back of the blaster. Prime the blaster by pulling the slide back and release it. To make discs glow, turn the charger switch on the left side of the blaster on before loading a disc.

After loading the chamber with a disc, another disc can be inserted into the internal clip, for a total of six shots before reloading becomes necessary.

To fire the blaster, pull the trigger.


  • It looks similar to the Vortex Vigilon.
    • It appears to be the Vigilon and Lumitron fused together, hence the name.
    • The overall engineering is similar to the Proton, though larger and with more features.