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Seeing as both the bureaucrats of this wiki are inactive, I went and requested bureaucrat powers from the staff of Wikia. They said that one of the other admins (and I assume they mean one of the inactive bureaucrats) were active in the past 60 days. I ask asked to make this thread by them.

So, I ask: is someone with bureaucratic powers willing to give me bureaucratic powers? I'm probably the most active administrator on here and I'd like to have full access to the administration controls so I can help the wiki to my full extent.

JetCell 20:19, October 12, 2011 (UTC)


20px-Comment General Comment: I think you should be a bureaucrat. Except you may need a few more tips for Wikia, and that kind of stuff. But otherwise, you would do great as a bureaucrat. I will decide. -- Evanf (Talk·Contributions)

20px-Support Support: Well, I made up my mind. You would do great as a bureaucrat. But, still, possibly more tips from which side you are on. ;) -- Evanf (Talk·Contributions)
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