The forty disc drum is a Nerf disc drum.

It comes packaged with the Vortex Pyragon and its Vortex VTX re-release.


This is the first disc drum. The top extension stalk and the four chambers combined will hold up to a maximum total of forty XLR Discs at a time. It currently has the highest ammo count out of any disc-holding device. It also features the highest capacity of any clip or drum released to date (not counting the unreleased fifty dart drum), and the fourth largest Nerf ammunition holder overall; the highest is the Prometheus hopper, second highest is the Nemesis hopper and the third highest is the forty round magazine (which can actually hold up to forty-five High-Impact Rounds).

The drum has four chambers that advance automatically when each are emptied, but only do so when a special "unload" slide, located on the stalk, is pressed down when inserted into the blaster. When the unload slide is pressed down, it unlocks the drum so that the chambers are able to advance when emptied. The unload slide is activated when the drum is inserted into the Pyragon or any other magazine-compatible Vortex blaster.

The drum has the Nerf logo and the chamber number shown on the clear window below. The chamber number also appears on the top of the blaster, close to the red knob.


To reload the drum, insert twenty discs and then slide the red thumb-switch to advance to the second chamber. After the second chamber is filled with seven discs, slide the red thumb switch on the inner part of the drum to advance to the next chamber. Continue filling the third and fourth chambers in the same way.

Color schemes

The forty disc drum has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Standard (black and orange)
  • Vortex VTX (black and green)


  • Chamber one is essentially a twenty disc magazine. The top of the drum uses the standard Vortex design that has one chamber extending into the blaster.
  • Since the second, third, and fourth chambers each hold seven discs, the drum actually holds a total of forty-one discs.
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