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Fortnite is a Hasbro-owned brand of Nerf products, based on the popular video game of the same name.


The Fortnite Nerf blasters and Super Soakers are all based on weapons or items found in-game.

Fortnite products


Name Year released
AR-DurrBurger.jpg AR-Durrr Burger 2019
AR-E.jpg AR-E 2019
Nerf Fortnite AR-L .jpg AR-L 2019
DP-E.jpg DP-E 2019
HCE.jpg HC-E 2019
RL.jpg RL 2019
SP-E.jpg SP-R 2019
Nerf Fortnite SP-L .jpg SP-L 2019
TS-E.jpg TS-R 2019
ARgoosebumps.jpg AR-Goosebumps 2020
AR Rippley.jpeg AR-Rippley 2020
BASR-L.jpg BASR-L 2020
BASR-R.jpg BASR-R 2020
Fortnite DG.jpeg DG 2020
GL.jpg GL 2020
Fortnite IR.jpg IR 2020
MicroPeely.jpg Micro Peely 2020
MicroRainbowSmash.png Micro Rainbow Smash 2020
Thunder Crash.jpg Micro Thunder Crash 2020
RL Rippley.jpeg RL-Rippley 2020
SMG-E.jpg SMG-E 2020
SP Rippley.jpeg SP-Rippley 2020
Fortnite SR Product.jpg SR 2020
6sh.png 6-SH 2021
B-ar.png B-AR 2021
Flare.png Flare 2021
Heavysr.png Heavy SR 2021
MicroBombsAway.png Micro Bombs Away! 2021
MicroDoggo.jpg Micro Doggo 2021
Microyonder.png Micro Y0nd3r 2021
Megapumpsg.png Pump SG 2021
SMG-L.jpg SMG-L 2021
Smgzest.png SMG-Zesty 2021
Tntbow.png TNTina's Ka-Boom Bow 2021
Compactsmg.png Compact SMG 2022
Hr.png HR 2022
Legendarytacgr.png Legendary Tac 2022

Blaster sets

Name Year released
LegendSupplyBox.jpeg Legendary Supply Drop 2019
IceStormBox.jpg Micro Ice Storm Collection 2019
MicroTrioBox.jpg Micro Trio 2019
FortniteTargetBox.jpeg Targeting Set 2019
Peelypackbox.png Peely Pack 2021

Super Soakers

Name Year released
Nerf Soaker Fortnite HC-E.jpg HC-E 2019
Nerf Soaker Fortnite RL.jpg RL 2019
Nerf Soaker Fortnite TS-R.jpg TS-R 2019
E9812 SS-Beef-Boss.jpg Beef Boss 2020
SS Compact SMG.jpg Compact SMG 2020
E9814 SS-Fishstick.jpg FishStick 2020
SS PumpSG.jpg Pump SG 2020
Burst AR.jpg Burst AR 2021
Slurpfish.jpg SlurpFish 2021
Hcred.png HC 2022
Hg.png HG 2022


Name Year released
Fortnite12ClipRefill-2.jpg Clip and Dart Refill Pack 2019
FortniteElite box.jpg Fortnite Dart Refill Pack 2019
FortniteMega box.jpg Fortnite Mega Dart Refill Pack 2019
R-HT.jpeg R-HT 2019
Axeroni.jpg Axeroni 2020
Fortnite Missile 4.jpg Fortnite Missile Refill Pack 2020
RiftEdge.jpg Rift Edge 2020


Micro Shots

Main article: Micro Shots

A sub-series that includes various Nerf series and other toy brands, Micro Shots blasters are re-shelled Jolt EX-1s that are modeled after other blasters; the Fortnite Micro Shots blasters, instead, resemble weapons from the video game.


  • The weapon's names are all abbreviated; for example, the blaster based on the game's Legendary Assault Rifle has had its name abbreviated to "AR-L", the letter after the dash indicating its "rarity". This may have been done to keep the ideas of violence away from toy blasters and Super Soakers, the same reason blasters are not referred to as "guns".[citation needed]
    • Unlike in the video game, the rarity determines the color of the blaster. Yellow blasters represent a "Legendary" weapon; purple blasters represent an "Epic" weapon; blue blasters represent a "Rare" weapon. While the game's weapons themselves are not actually colored this way, these specific colors do represent the rarities in the game, as well as other games with similarly-named rarity tiers.
  • Interestingly enough, Fortnite action figures are produced by toy company Jazwares, which has also produced products and accessories for the Nerf brand.