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For the updated Flip Clip, see Flip Clip (N-Strike Modulus).

The Flip Clip is a Nerf clip system accessory that was released in 2009 under the N-Strike series.

It can only be purchased via Flip Clip Refill.


The Flip Clip is a grey connecting device that attaches two standard six dart N-Strike clips together by the bottom.

This accessory makes reloading easier and faster for clip system blasters. Because it connects two clips together, a user simply needs to detach their clip, flip it around, and reinsert the opposite clip into the blaster for a full reload.

For some blasters, two connected clips can also serve as a foregrip of sorts to increase accuracy.


One disadvantage is that the Flip Clip will make the clip longer and will thus reduce reliability in certain situations. For example, if a Longshot CS-6 is equipped with a Flip Clip, the blaster will not be able to rest on its integrated bipod. It is best if used when crouching or standing. Slightly flattened darts also tend to fall out of the bottom.

It is possible to fit two eighteen dart clips onto the Flip Clip. However, this configuration makes it extremely long and unwieldy, as well as having darts or the clips fall out of the connector piece. While the clip cannot fall out easily, it is rather easy to knock out of place.

The Flip Clip is not compatible with any of the N-Strike Elite clips due to the shape of their base.


The N-Strike Flip Clip was succeeded in 2015 by the N-Strike Modulus Flip Clip. This updated version featured two twelve dart clip permanently attached together, instead of a attachment piece that could be used on any straight clip.


  • Without modification, it is impossible to use the Flip Clip with any type of drum.
  • If one has two Flip Clips, it is possible to tape them together, thus having four clips at their disposal. However, the second vertical clip may get in the way of the priming slide when using a Recon CS-6 or a Longshot CS-6.