The five dart clip is a Nerf dart clip.

It comes packaged with the Sawtooth.


As its name would suggest, it holds up to five Mega Darts at a time. The only blaster which is compatible with this clip is the Sawtooth.

It is possible that this and the four dart clip are interchangeable, although this is unconfirmed. It was common for the clip to jam in the blaster and not fire.


The five dart clip was the first Nerf clip to be produced.

In 1997, the four dart clip was introduced with the Electric Eel, which solved the jamming problem that the five dart clip suffered from. It was succeeded by the much later 2006 N-Strike six dart clip, and in true form, the 2013 N-Strike Mega Mega Clip, the latest clip to use Mega Darts.

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