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Firevision Sports is a series of Nerf products that was released in 2012.


The Firevision Sports series consists of sports-related products that are made specifically for use during both day and night. Products use special reflective materials that, when looked upon with specialized Firevision Sports Frames, will "glow" with their respective team color.


Firevision Ignite, a successor series to Firevision Sports, was released in 2015.

Firevision Sports products


Name Year
Flyer Disc.jpg Firevision Sports Flyer 2012
Firevision football.jpg Firevision Sports Football 2012
Firevision frames.jpg Firevision Sports Frames 2012
Firevisionhyperball.jpg Firevision Sports Hyper Bounce Ball 2012
Firevisionhoop.jpg Firevision Sports Nerfoop 2012
FirevisionBaseballSet.png Firevision Sports Baseball Set 2014

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