For the N-Strike Elite fifty dart drum, see Fifty dart drum (N-Strike Elite).

The fifty dart drum is a prototype Nerf dart drum that was originally intended for release with the Stampede ECS.


As its name suggests, the fifty dart drum would have been able to hold up to fifty Streamline Darts at a time; if it was released, it would have been the largest capacity drum ever. Due to complications with the drum and the inability to acquire the patent in time, it has not been produced or released by Nerf and cannot be obtained.


The original patent for the drum was filed in 2010, however it was not approved until 2012. This is, however, a fairly standard time frame for patent approval.

The fifty dart drum saw a proper release and successor in 2019 with the Titan CS-50 and its fifty dart drum, nearly ten years after the initial design and concept.


  • Considering they were able to make a photo of it for the box art and store display, a prototype or at least a model must have existed at some point.
  • On the last level of N-Strike Data Defense, the player of the game is able to have a view of the back of the drum. The game states it has a capacity of a hundred darts.
  • The instructions for the Stampede on Hasbro's website oddly enough is for the proposed "Stampede ECS-50", rather than the Stampede ECS with an eighteen dart clip.[1]



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