Not to be confused with the Jump Zone FalconFire Compound Bow.

The FalconFire is a Nerf blaster that was released in spring of 2017 under the AccuStrike Series.

It comes packaged with six AccuStrike Darts and instructions.


The FalconFire is a breech-loading blaster similar to the N-Strike SharpFire and the N-Strike Modulus IonFire. It has one tactical rail on the bottom of a dart storage component that can hold up to two darts. This blaster also includes a set of iron sights. There are also two holes on either side of the handle that may be intended to store two darts.

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Blaster sets

The FalconFire is included in the Precision Strike Set. It can also be found in a value pack, alongside a Dart Storage accessory and twelve AccuStrike Darts.


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