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For the old X-Shot Dart type, see X-Shot Dart.

An Excel Dart is a type of X-Shot dart that was released in 2013 under the X-Shot Excel series.


Excel Darts are slightly shorter than Nerf N-Strike Elite Elite Darts. They feature a small, black dart head with a rubber tip. Despite their unique size, Excel Darts can be used in most modern dart blasters.


The Excel Dart was awarded as Blaster Labs' Dart Range Test Winner, a title that proudly displays on refill packaging.

When the X-Shot Excel series was folded back into the X-Shot brand's line of products, the Excel Dart followed along. It would become the standard ammunition choice for all future X-Shot blasters, with new color schemes to fit the at-the-time standard colors of the brand. The dart type would lose its official Excel Dart name, and would be simply called "darts" or X-Shot Darts in packaging and official descriptions.

The Excel Darts were re-branded under the Adventure Force line with X-Shot re-releases of blasters. They now have a green body and black tip.


The Excel Dart has two variants:

Color schemes

The Excel Dart has been released with the following color schemes:

Refill sizes

Excel Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:


Size Price
ExcelDart 10.jpg 10 ?
ExcelDart 30.jpg 30 ?
ExcelDart 36.jpg 36 ?
ExcelDart 50.jpg 50 ?
ExcelDart 75.jpg 75 ?
ExcelDart 100.jpg 100 ?
ExcelDart 200.png 200
(comes with tub)
ExcelDart 500.png 500
(comes with tub)

Adventure Force

Size Price
LongDistanceDart AF100.jpeg 100 ?
Excel AF 200.jpg 200 ?


  • The Adventure Force variant is about 5mm longer than the standard X-Shot dart.