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The logo of the Elite XD feature, as seen on the Demolisher's packaging.

Elite XD (or Mega XD) is a blaster performance feature within the N-Strike Elite, N-Strike Mega, and N-Strike series.


Blasters equipped with Elite XD feature more powerful internals, which supposedly boost firing range up to ninety or eighty-five feet (twenty-seven or twenty-five meters in Europe) depending on the blaster.

Hasbro's performance claims are however, not true, as blasters re-released in 2014 to be Elite XD blasters feature little or no boost in firing ranges.[1]

The Elite XD firing range claims have become the standard firing range claims for all Nerf blasters that were released in 2016 and 2017.


Elite XD was introduced in 2014. Every new blaster released under the N-Strike Elite series that year featured a performance boost compared to previous blasters; re-releases of older blasters with supposedly upgraded internals also came out that year. However, the re-releases were tested and found not to feature performance boosts.[1]

Most modern blasters do away with the XD range claim.

Elite XD products

Name Year
CamECS.jpg Cam ECS-12 2014
Demolisher alt.png Demolisher 2-In-1 2014
EliteXDFirestrike.jpg Firestrike 2014
RapidstrikeXD.jpg RapidStrike CS-18 2014
XDRETALIATOR.jpg Retaliator 2014
Rhino-Fire .png Rhino-Fire 2014
RoughCut2x42014-0.jpg Rough Cut 2x4 2014
Stockade XD.jpg Stockade 2014
Strongarm-EliteXD.jpg Strongarm 2014
Stryfe EliteXD.jpg Stryfe 2014
TriadXD.jpg Triad EX-3 2014
AlphaTrooperCS6.jpg Alpha Trooper CS-6 2015
Nerf Crossbolt.jpg CrossBolt 2015
Nerf-elite-rampage.jpg Rampage 2015
SplitStrike.jpg SplitStrike 2015

Mega XD products

Name Year
Magnus.jpg Magnus 2014
Thunderbowmega.jpg Mega ThunderBow 2014
CycloneShock.jpg CycloneShock 2015
LightningBow.jpg Lightning Bow 2015
RotoFury.jpg RotoFury 2015


  • Elite XD is known as NCV in Japan.



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