An Elite Shell is a Nerf dart shell.

Five come packaged with the Trilogy DS-15, two come packaged with the ShellStrike DS-6, and three come packaged with the Shell Upgrade Kit.


Similar to SledgeFire shells, Elite Shells hold up to three darts at once. Blasters that use Elite Shells feature some sort of ejection mechanism to eject a spent shell after firing. For example, the Trilogy features an ejection port on the left of the blaster, and the ShellStrike DS-6 features a break-action mechanism similar to that of the SledgeFire, which ejects shells when the hinged barrel is moved down all the way.

There are some differences with the shells when compared to SledgeFire shells. For one, Elite Shells do not have an outer rim, while SledgeFire shells do. As a result, Elite Shells are not cross-compatible with the SledgeFire. The walls of the Elite Shell are also much thicker than those of the SledgeFire shell.


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