Elite Repaint is an unofficial sub-series of Nerf N-Strike blasters.


These blasters and accessories feature blue plastic casings and a color scheme similar to N-Strike Elite blasters, but are still marketed as N-Strike on their packaging; they also do not feature Elite-class ranges.

These blasters are packaged with Elite Darts with the exception of the Nite Finder EX-3 and certain Maverick REV-6s, which are packaged with Micro Darts.


The original Elite Repaint products were officially released in 2013. The Jolt and Reflex IX-1 began to be sold in some stores just before Christmas 2012.

Two more products began to surface in early 2014; the Nite Finder EX-3 and the Maverick REV-6, two fan favorites that had both received successors in the N-Strike Elite series.

Elite Repaint products


Name Year
Elitecolorbarrelbreak Barrel Break IX-2 2013
353-1619294aSSUC1572968X Havok Fire EBF-25 2013
Elite jolt 1 Jolt 2013
Elitelikereflex Reflex IX-1 2013
Maverick-elite Maverick REV-6 2014
NiteFinder-elitebox Nite Finder EX-3 2014
Elite Longshot Longshot CS-6 2015

Product sets

Name Year
N-StrikeEliteReflexTwinPack Reflex IX-1 2-Pack 2013


  • While these blasters are labeled as N-Strike on their packaging, and feature the N-Strike logo, they are listed as N-Strike Elite on international versions of Hasbro's official Nerf website.[1][2]


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