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Elite 2.0 is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in fall of 2020.


Elite 2.0, as its name suggests, is a spiritual successor to the 2012 N-Strike Elite series. Its blasters feature a similar design to those seen in later releases of N-Strike Elite, with the exception that the blasters are now teal and orange in color, rather than blue and orange. Most blasters include double their intended firing capacity worth of darts.


Elite 2.0 was first leaked online in early 2020, with imageless listings for most of its products popping up on numerous online retail stores. Starting in June, images of of the blasters gradually began to surface.

Reception to the series has been very mixed. While the inclusion of additional darts and the overall ergonomics of Elite 2.0 blasters have been praised, the changes to how the blaster is assembled has been highly criticized. Many of the first blasters released under the Elite 2.0 series were assembled in a way that made modification difficult. While blasters still still held together by standard screws and/or pressure clips, as introduced in the Alpha Strike line of blasters, many others were also welded together. The quality of the plastic used in production has also been called "thin", compared to previous or other releases.

Elite 2.0 products


Name Year released
Commander.jpg Commander RD-6 2020
Echo.jpg Echo CS-10 2020
Phoenix Elite 2.0.jpg Phoenix CS-6 2020
Shockwave.jpg Shockwave RD-15 2020
Trio Elite 2.0.jpg Trio TD-3 2020
Turbine.jpg Turbine CS-18 2020
Volt.jpg Volt SD-1 2020
Warden.jpg Warden DB-8 2020
Acesd1.png Ace SD-1 2021
Phoenixcs10.png Phoenix CS-10 2021
Elitequadfire.png Quadfire QS-4 2021 (Loadout Pack)
Elitetechnician.png Technician DB-2 2021 (Loadout Pack)
Eaglepoint.png Eaglepoint RD-8 2022
Motoblitz.png Motoblitz CS-10 2022
Prospect.png Prospect QS-4 2022
Eliteranger.png Ranger PD-5 2022
Tetrad.png Tetrad QS-4 2022

Product sets

Name Year released
Acesd1partypack.png Ace SD-1 Party Pack 2021
Commander2packbox.png Commander RD-6 2-Pack 2021
Loadoutpackbox.png Loadout Pack 2021


Name Year released
Elite 2.0 20 Darts.jpeg Elite 2.0 Dart Refill Pack 2020



Main article: Flipshots

The Flipshots sub-series features blasters that have a "flipping" mechanic that allows the user to switch between two sets of barrels of darts.

Wild Edition

Main article: Wild Edition

The Wild Edition sub-series features blasters with a blue color scheme and a tiger-stripe pattern.


  • The number code system for Elite 2.0 closely resembles that of the Alpha Strike series, rather than N-Strike's system.
    • Despite this, none of the blasters themselves feature their number codes on the shell, only their name.
  • Interestingly, despite being a follow-up to N-Strike Elite, the word "N-Strike" is not present in Elite 2.0's name.