The Edge Series is a sub-series of Nerf RIVAL blasters that was released in spring of 2019.


The Edge Series features sniper-styled blasters and some re-released blasters. It uses a lime-green color scheme. Blasters in this series focus more on precision and target shooting rather than fast-paced, team-oriented competitive play.


The Edge Series was first leaked online in winter of 2018, revealing four blasters: two new blasters, the Jupiter XIX-1000 and the Mercury XIX-500, and two re-released blasters, the Kronos XVIII-500 and the Helios XVIII-700.

Edge Series products


Name Year
Jupiter Jupiter XIX-1000 2019
MercuryXIX Mercury XIX-500 2019
Unknown Helios XVIII-700 ?
Unknown Kronos XVIII-500 ?


Name Year
TargetMercury Target 2019
Unknown Tactical Eyewear 2019


  • All new blasters in the Edge Series are named after Roman gods rather than Greek gods, however, the re-releases of blasters retain their Greek names.
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