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The Eaglepoint RD-8 is a Nerf blaster that was released in January of 2022 under the Elite 2.0 series.

It comes packaged with a barrel extension, a scope, and sixteen Elite 2.0 Darts.


The Eaglepoint RD-8 is a bolt-action revolver-style blaster similar to the AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk. It has an eight-dart cylinder; more ammunition can be stored in its integrated shoulder stock. It is compatible with barrel extensions.

Two tactical rails are located on the blaster, and a third one is on the barrel extension. It also has slam fire capabilities.

It advertises a firing range of up to ninety feet (twenty-seven meters).

Official description


  • RD may stand for "rotating drum".
  • This is the second Elite 2.0 blaster to include a scope attachment; the Phoenix CS-6 was first.
  • This is also the first RD blaster released in the Elite 2.0 series to not feature a detachable shoulder stock attachment point.
  • Some stock images for the blaster show seventeen darts below the box, rather than sixteen.
  • This can be considered a spiritual successor to the AlphaHawk, as both blasters are bolt-action, revolver style blasters.


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