Dude Perfect is a sub-series of Nerf Sports products that was released in spring of 2016.


The sub-series is named after the sports-themed entertainment group of the same name, who have been working with Hasbro since 2013.

Dude Perfect products


Name Year
Dude Perfect Bow Signature Bow 2017

Product sets

Name Year
PerfectShotHoops box PerfectShot Hoops Set 2016
PerfectSlamDiscGame box PerfectSlam Disc Game 2016
PerfectSmashFootball box PerfectSmash Football Set 2016
PerfectTossAirTailsGame box PerfectToss Air-Tails Game 2016
PerfectVortexGame box PerfectVortex Game 2016
Hoverkup HoverKup 2018
Nerf Dude Perfect Mini PerfectShot Hoop Package Mini Perfect Shots Hoop 2018
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