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The Dual Fire Dart Blaster is an Air Zone blaster.

It comes packaged with four shells and eight Micro Darts.


The Dual Fire Dart Blaster is a lever-action, shell-loaded blaster. Similarly to the Buzz Bee Double Shot, it features a two-step firing trigger that allows the user to either fire one or two darts at a time. It also has an integrated shoulder stock and an iron sight just above the muzzle. A button near the rear of the blaster opens up the loading area, where the shells are placed.

The blaster is compatible with Buzz Bee shells and any variation on the standard Micro Dart.


The Dual Fire Dart Blaster has been re-released a number of times. Within the Air Zone brand, it was given two additional names and color schemes: the striped red Dual Fire Blaster and the solid red Dart Blaster. It was later given a re-release when Air Zone rebranded as Stats Blast. It was also re-released twice as a Banzai blaster with new color schemes and no changes to its name.

Color schemes

The Dual Fire Dart Blaster has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Air Zone / Stats Blast (yellow, blue, lime green, and orange)
  • Air Zone Dual Fire Blaster (striped red, black, and orange)
  • Air Zone Dart Blaster (red, black, yellow, and orange)