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Not to be confused with cylinder.

Eighteen, twenty-five, and thirty-five dart drums stacked on top of each other, respectively.

A drum is a dart clip, disc magazine, or High-Impact Round magazine designed for use with certain blasters.


Drums are similar to clips or magazines, but have a cylindrical shape to increase their capacity without compromising much vertical space (although through this, more horizontal space is used). There are three variations of drums with different ammunition types: dart drums, disc drums, and High-Impact Round drums. Dart drums are compatible with clip system blasters. Disc drums are compatible with magazine-fed Vortex blasters. High-Impact Round drums are compatible with magazine-fed RIVAL blasters.

All Nerf dart drums feature a winding knob on the back to release jammed darts manually by turning the knob.

Drums are normally purchased with blasters. However, they can also be found separately second-hand, such as on internet trading/auction sites like eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji and so on.

The only drum sold new separately was the eighteen dart drum, a Target exclusive like its patron blaster, the Alpha Trooper CS-18.


The drum was first introduced with the thirty-five dart drum; at the time of its introduction, it held more ammunition than any other ammunition holding accessory.

In 2010, a patent was filed by Hasbro for a fifty dart drum, meant to be packaged with the Stampede ECS. This drum would have become the first "double drum", fed from two sets of cylinders that house the darts, and much more mechanically complex than other drums. However, the drum was cancelled and never released. Eventually in 2019, a new fifty dart drum was made available with the Titan CS-50, with a nearly identical design.

The first disc-firing drum came with the release of the Pyragon in 2012.

The first High-Impact Round drum was meant to come with the release of the Edge Series Helios XVIII-700 in 2020. A patent for the design of the drum was published on July 4, 2019.[1] It was cancelled alongside its patron blaster and never released.

The first Buzz Bee drum, the thirty dart drum, came with the release of the Air Warriors Tracker. It is compatible with clip system blasters. This makes it the first non-Nerf drum.

Drum variations


Clip system dart drums

Name Year released
35dartdrumnew.jpg Thirty-five dart drum 2009
18 dart drum.jpg Eighteen dart drum 2010
25dartdrum.jpg Twenty-five dart drum 2012
Infinus Drum.jpg Thirty dart drum 2018
50dartdrumplaceholder-0.jpg Fifty dart drum (N-Strike Elite) 2019
50drum.JPG Fifty dart drum (N-Strike) Cancelled

Disc drums

Name Year released
Pyragon Drum magazine.jpg Forty disc drum 2012

High-Impact Round drums

Name Year released
30-round drum helios.jpg Thirty round drum Cancelled

Buzz Bee

Clip system dart drums

Name Year released
Air warriors 30 drum.jpg Thirty dart drum 2019


  • Full-auto and slam firing is often considered to be better served by a drum-fed blaster, due to the larger amount of ammunition that can be held in them.
    • However, drums tend to jam more often than normal clips, especially when the blaster is fired quickly.

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