The Doublestrike is a Nerf blaster that was released in fall of 2014 under the Zombie Strike series.

It comes packaged with two Zombie Strike Darts.


The Doublestrike features an intelligent air restrictor system, similar to that of the Rough Cut 2x4, the Crossfire Bow and the Triad EX-3. It has a single tactical rail. Like the Hammershot and Sweet Revenge, it is cocked by a hammer, and it is the smallest Nerf blaster to feature this mechanism. On the side is a 3D relief of a revolver's cylinder system; however, that is only a visual effect.

Its accuracy reportedly varies depending on the barrel; the top barrel is said to be more accurate than the bottom barrel.[citation needed] The spring is rather strong, although this causes a minor blowback of air when priming the blaster, which pushes the dart forward or even out of the barrel when primed downwards too far, causing a large amount of dart drag.

Many users reported that they cannot attach most accessories via tactical rail, as it is too small and the spring of the attachment is too strong.

Official description


The Doublestrike was the second 2014 Zombie Strike blaster to be revealed, after the SlingFire. It was first revealed by in February of 2014 at the New York Toy Fair after it was spotted at the London Toy Fair.[2] The early iteration of the Doublestrike differed from the final production blaster in several regards, most notably the absence of a spacer between the two barrels in the final production model.

The Doublestrike is currently the smallest blaster exclusive to the Zombie Strike series; the smaller Jolt has been released with Zombie Strike branding in the Target Set.

A reshell of the Doublestrike was released in 2015 as the Rebelle Remix Duet. Another reshell of the Doublestrike was released in 2018 as the blaster included with the Mediator Stock.


  • It is possible to fire the Doublestrike by fanning the hammer, although it will need some practice from the user and may reduce performance. This, in a way, can fire both darts nearly at the same time.
  • Releasing the hammer accidentally before it catches may launch a dart. Also, there are a few degrees of play between the hammer catch and the actual end of hammer travel. Releasing the hammer too quickly in this case may also cause a dart to fire.
  • This is the second Nerf blaster to have silver screws instead of the usual black screws, the first being the Jolt EX-1.


The full image gallery for Doublestrike may be viewed at Doublestrike/Gallery.


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