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The Double Dealer is a Nerf blaster that was released in fall of 2016 under the Doomlands 2169 series.

It comes packaged with two twelve dart clips, twenty-four Doomlands Darts, and instructions.


The Double Dealer is a clip system blaster that holds two clips at a time; the blaster fires two darts at a time, one from each loaded clip. As it lacks a multi-step firing trigger, it has no single-fire mode; it can, however, be slam fired. It features an integrated shoulder stock that can store two additional clips. A clear jam door provides access for clearing jams.

It has two tactical rails; one in the back, located on top of the integrated stock, and one in the front, located on top of the twin barrels.


The reliability of the Double Dealer is questionable, as some units have had severe jamming issues.[citation needed] These generally occur while firing quickly or slam firing the blaster. This may be due in part to a weak spring.

Another issue is that there is a large slot cut into the bottom of the plunger tube. There is a plastic peg attached to the plunger rod that moves through this slot, presumably to help guide the rod but it is unknown why that is necessary when the rod is perfectly guided just by the stopper in front of the catch.[1]

Official description


The Double Dealer was first announced in January 2016 by Popular Mechanics.[2]

It was included in the 2019 re-release of the Doomlands series as an Amazon exclusive.


Despite having two barrels, the Double Dealer only has a single plunger system.


  • Besides the two twelve dart clips and the jam door, the current design for the Double Dealer doesn't have any clear external parts like the rest of the blasters in this line. It is the first Doomlands 2169 blaster to not have this feature.
  • This is the third blaster to use multiple clips at once, after the Rhino-Fire, which uses two twenty-five dart drums, and the Hail-Fire, which can use up to eight non-drum clips.
  • Using two fifty dart drums, the blaster can have a total capacity of up to a hundred darts, making it the highest capacity spring powered blaster.



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