The Double Blast is a Nerf blaster that may have been released in 2000.

It would have likely come packaged with two arrows.


It is a small blaster judging from the only known photograph on the internet.

The blaster features an upwards handle with some sort of shield or hand-guard in front of the handle. The Double Blast likely fires two arrows at once due to the single trigger connected to both barrels.

How this blaster fired is currently unknown, with few clues provided from the only known photo.


Its eventual fate was unknown. From what is known, it never surfaced outside of pictures, although it could have possibly had a minor release.

All the information known about the blaster comes from a photo of the blaster from a 2000 Hasbro toy catalog. The Double Blast was pictured alongside the Bungee Blaster, which has been more well-known although still an immensely rare blaster. Because of this, it is more likely it had a minor release than being cancelled entirely.

Reloading and firing

Due to a lack of information, it is unknown how this blaster may have fired. There is no visible cocking mechanism on the blaster, only a trigger and two barrels. It is possible that the arrows could have been cocked automatically upon being inserted onto the barrels similar to the McDonalds promotional blasters.


  • This was one of the last blasters to fire arrows, which became fairly uncommon after the release of this blaster; the next arrow blaster to be released would be the 2013 Blazin' Bow, not counting re-releases of the 1998 Big Bad Bow.