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The Doominator is a revolver Nerf blaster that was released in fall of 2015[1] under the Zombie Strike series.

It comes packaged with twenty-four Zombie Strike Darts.


The Doominator is a revolver-style blaster that features four six-dart cylinders. Like the FlipFury, cylinders can be "flipped" between, allowing the user to fire from each cylinder at will. It is primed by pushing the handle on the front backwards then forwards. The handle can be removed and placed on the right or left side as well. It features one tactical rail and two sling points. This blaster can be slam fired at user's will, although there are a few locks that impede it, so the action of slam firing is not very smooth.

Official description

Value packs

The Doominator is offered in a special bonus pack containing the Longshot scope and fifty Zombie Strike Darts. This value pack is a Sam's Club exclusive in the United States.[citation needed]


  • The name seems to be a portmanteau of the words "doom" and "dominator" (or "terminator").
  • The Doominator has the third highest stock capacity of any Zombie Strike blaster, having up to twenty four darts in its cylinders. It's only behind the Ripchain with its twenty-five dart chain, and a value pack for the SlingFire, which includes a twenty-five dart drum.
  • Placing the priming handle on the left or right side makes it more suitable to slam fire.
  • The Doominator has the highest capacity of any Nerf revolver. In a distant second and third are the SurgeFire and the Lawbringer, although the latter can carry an additional twelve darts in the storage space provided in the stock.



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