The Distance Scope is a Nerf scope that was released in 2015 under the N-Strike Modulus series.

It comes packaged in the Long Range Upgrade Kit, as well as with the Captain Cassian Andor Deluxe Blaster, the AccuStrike StratoHawk, the Modulus LongStrike, and the Tracker ECS-10. It can also be purchased separately.


The Distance Scope, like other Nerf scope accessories, does not feature any magnification and can be attached to a blaster via tactical rail. It has two pieces of plastic: one grey crosspiece with a circle in the center, and one orange crosspiece. Lining these two pieces up will form a crosshair.


It was re-released in 2016 with the Captain Cassian Andor Deluxe Blaster.

It was re-released again in 2018 with the StratoHawk and later that year with the N-Strike Modulus LongStrike.

Color schemes

The Distance Scope has been released with the following color schemes:


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