A disc (also known as a disk) is a type of Nerf ammunition.


A disc is a type of ammunition used in only a few certain Nerf blasters. Discs were notorious for poor accuracy and firing range. Because of their lack of importance in the Nerf brand and incredibly poor performance, discs had a relatively short lifespan.

The disc was entirely made of foam, similar to a Nerf rocket or a Ballistic Ball. The foam was flimsy, and easy to bend or warp. Every blaster that fired discs used a different variation of disc.


The discs used with the SuperMAXX Disc Shooter are considerably larger than other types of disc released since, measuring 2.185 inches in diameter, and 0.375 inches in thickness.

The discs seen with the Disc Shot and Motorized Disk Launcher are closer in size and quality to off-brand foam discs and are very thin. Interestingly, the discs included with the Disc Shot have slits in the side of them in order to latch onto the blaster.

The disc was succeeded in 2011 by the Vortex series XLR Disc, which did away with performance issues from which the original disc type suffered.

Color schemes

The disc has been released with the following color variants:

  • Red and yellow
  • Yellow

Compatible blasters

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