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A disc is a type of blaster ammunition.


First released in 1998, Nerf original discs were notorious for having very poor accuracy. Blasters that fired discs were also known to be easy to jam. It was a very short-lived ammunition type that only functioned with two Nerf blasters. The last time the original disc type was used was in 2000.

A type of disc was used again in 2007, this time known as a Foam Disk. Packaged with the Disk Shot, these discs were used as targets to be shot at, rather than being used as actual ammunition.

However, popularity of disc ammunition rose again with the release of the Vortex series, a series of disc blasters released in 2011. These discs, known as XLR Discs, differ from the original discs, as they are beefier and thicker, allowing them to be more durable as a form of ammunition.


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