LS stock

The Lightningstorm's stock.

A detachable shoulder stock is an optional Nerf and Super Soaker accessory that helps the user stabilize a blaster or Super Soaker when firing. It also allows the user to shoulder the blaster which can be helpful when aiming. Stocks may include additional features such as the ability to store clips, darts, or other forms of ammunition.


These give the user better stability when firing, but in general have little actual effectiveness because there is almost unnoticeable recoil. Slam fire is perhaps where they become more useful, because it reduces the strain on the user's arm from constant priming.


The detachable shoulder stock was introduced in 2008 with the introduction of the N-Strike Recon CS-6.

Stock variations

Interchangeable shoulder stocks

Name Year
Qrtyeuio Recon shoulder stock 2008
Raider CS-35 Raider shoulder stock 2009
Ykhiyurte Folding Stock 2010
Super-soaker-wars-shot-blast Shot Blast shoulder stock 2010
Praxisstock Praxis shoulder stock 2011
LS stock Lightningstorm shoulder stock 2012
Retaliator-stock Retaliator shoulder stock 2012
Stockadestock Stockade shoulder stock 2012
DemolisherDetachableStock Demolisher shoulder stock 2014
Blasterstock Blaster Stock 2015
Modulus stock Storage Stock 2015
StormtrooperDeluxeBlasterstock First Order shoulder stock 2015
NERF-Modulus-Shoulder-Stock-for-Recon-MKII-Elite Recon MKII shoulder stock 2016
Images-0 Storage Stock 2017
Regulator Stock Storage Stock (Regulator) 2017
12279837327390 3-Way Adjustable Stock 2018
Chopstocknew Chopstock 2018
DeltaTrooperstock Delta Trooper shoulder stock 2018
MediatorStockContents Mediator Stock 2018
ScravengerStock Scravenger shoulder stock 2018
AccuTrooperstock AccuTrooper shoulder stock 2018
ZoomnDoomstock Storage Stock 2019

Other shoulder stocks

Name Year Compatability
Swarmfire shoulder stock Swarmfire shoulder stock 2011 Swarmfire
SharpFirestock SharpFire shoulder stock 2015 SharpFire

Compatible blasters

Some stocks may have difficulty working with certain blasters; check the shoulder stock's article to see if blaster incompatibilities have been reported.

For a list of detachable shoulder stock-compatible Nerf blasters, see Category:Detachable shoulder stock-compatible blasters.

For a list of detachable shoulder stock-compatible Super Soakers, see Category:Detachable shoulder stock-compatible Super Soakers.

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