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The Lightningstorm's stock.

A detachable shoulder stock is an optional Nerf and Super Soaker accessory that helps the user stabilize a compatible Nerf blaster or Super Soaker.


Detachable shoulder stocks are intended to allow the user to shoulder an equipped blaster, which provides support to help with one's aim. As blasters often do not feature firing recoil, stock accessories are not very effective; slam fire blasters, however, greatly benefit from the use of a shoulder stock, as they help reduce strain from constantly priming them.

As their name suggests, detachable shoulder stocks are able to be removed from a blaster when not in use or if the user prefers not using it. Various Nerf blasters feature an interchangeable system, allowing different shoulder stocks to be compatible with various blasters.

Stocks may include additional features, such as the ability to store ammunition, ammunition holders (such as clips) or specific blasters. Others may feature the ability to be adjusted and set to different extension sizes. Some can even acts as back-up blasters like the two released under N-Strike Modulus series.


The detachable shoulder stock was introduced in 2008 with the N-Strike Recon CS-6.

Compatible blasters

Some stocks may have difficulty working with certain blasters; check the shoulder stock's article to see if blaster incompatibilities have been reported.

For a list of detachable shoulder stock-compatible Nerf blasters, see Category:Detachable shoulder stock-compatible blasters.

For a list of detachable shoulder stock-compatible Super Soakers, see Category:Detachable shoulder stock-compatible Super Soakers.

Nerf detachable shoulder stocks

Interchangeable shoulder stocks

Name Year released
Reconshoulderstock.JPG Recon shoulder stock 2008
Raider CS-35.jpg Raider shoulder stock 2009
FoldingStock.JPG Folding Stock 2010
Shotblaststock.png Shot Blast shoulder stock 2010
Praxisstock.jpg Praxis shoulder stock 2011
LS stock.jpg Lightningstorm shoulder stock 2012
Retaliator-stock.JPG Retaliator shoulder stock 2012
Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 11.08.51 AM.png Stockade shoulder stock 2012
DemolisherDetachableStock.jpg Demolisher shoulder stock 2014
Blasterstock.jpg Blaster Stock 2015
Modulus stock.jpg Storage Stock 2015
StormtrooperDeluxeBlasterstock.jpg First Order shoulder stock 2015
NERF-Modulus-Shoulder-Stock-for-Recon-MKII-Elite.jpg Recon MKII shoulder stock 2016
StorageStock2017.jpeg Storage Stock 2017
Regulator Stock.jpg Storage Stock (Regulator) 2017
3WayAdjustableStock.jpg 3-Way Adjustable Stock 2018
Chopstocknew.jpg Chopstock 2018
DeltaTrooperstock.jpg Delta Trooper shoulder stock 2018
MediatorStockContents.jpg Mediator Stock 2018
ScravengerStock.jpg Scravenger shoulder stock 2018
AccuTrooperstock.jpeg AccuTrooper shoulder stock 2018
Chewbacca-stock.png Chewbacca Blaster shoulder stock 2018
ZoomnDoomstock.jpg Storage Stock 2019
Echo-stock.png Echo shoulder stock 2020
IR-stock.png IR shoulder stock 2020
Focusstock.png FOCUS shoulder stock 2021
Nerf go folding stock.png Folding Stock 2021
Smgzeststock.png SMG-Zesty shoulder stock 2021
Revonixstock.jpg Revonix360 shoulder stock Cancelled

Other shoulder stocks

Name Year Compatibility
Swarmfire shoulder stock.jpg Swarmfire shoulder stock 2011 Swarmfire
SharpFirestock.jpg SharpFire shoulder stock 2015 SharpFire
Beckett stock.jpg Tobias Beckett Blaster shoulder stock 2018 Tobias Beckett Blaster

Non-Nerf detachable shoulder stocks

Adventure Force

Name Year Compatibility
Eradicatorstock.jpeg Eradicator shoulder stock 2017 Adventure Force Eradicator
Air Warriors Tactical Storm
Nexusstock.jpg Nexus Pro shoulder stock 2020 Adventure Force Nexus Pro
Dart Zone Max Stryker
Dart Zone Pro MK-3[citation needed]
Spectrumstock.png Spectrum shoulder stock 2020 Adventure Force Spectrum
Adventure Force Villainator
Villainatorstock.jpg Villainator shoulder stock 2020 Adventure Force Villainator
Adventure Force Spectrum
Unknown.jpg Jurassic Pro shoulder stock 2022 Adventure Force Jurassic Pro

Dart Zone

Name Year Compatibility
Powerstrikestock.png Power Strike 48 shoulder stock 2010 Air Zone Power Strike 48
Afbbstock.png Quickfire Auto Fed Belt Blaster shoulder stock 2011 Air Zone Quickfire Auto Fed Belt Blaster
Qfsniperstock.png Quickfire Sniper shoulder stock 2011 Air Zone Quickfire Sniper
Destroyer XL
Mk1.1.jpg MK-1 shoulder stock 2019 Dart Zone Pro MK-1
Dart Zone Pro MK-1.1
Mk3stock.png MK-3 shoulder stock 2021 Dart Zone Pro MK-3
Dart Zone Max Stryker
Adventure Force Nexus Pro[citation needed]
Maxstrykerstock.png Max Stryker shoulder stock 2021 Dart Zone Max Stryker
Adventure Force Nexus Pro
Dart Zone Pro MK-3[citation needed]
Unknown.jpg MK-1.2 shoulder stock 2022 ?
Tomahawkstock.png Tomahawk shoulder stock 2022 Nerf detachable shoulder stock compatibility

Buzz Bee

Name Year Compatibility
Tacticalstormstockgreen.png Tactical Storm shoulder stock 2017 Air Warriors Tactical Storm
ThermalHunter stock.jpg Thermal Hunter shoulder stock 2017 Air Warriors Thermal Hunter
Air Warriors Interceptor


Name Year Compatibility
Scopestock.png Scope shoulder stock 2013 X-Shot Scope
RegeneratorStock.png Regenerator shoulder stock 2017 X-Shot Regenerator
X-Shot Ninja Justice

Other shoulder stocks

Name Year Compatibility
Huntsmanstock.png Huntsman shoulder stock 2013 Lanard Huntsman 50
Huntsman Commando 12
Unknown.jpg Big Boomer shoulder stock 2018 Huntsman Big Boomer
Huntsman Belt Blitzer