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The Destroyer XL is a Stats Blast blaster.

It comes packaged with a scope, a barrel extension, a detachable shoulder stock, six Xtreme Darts, and instructions.


The Destroyer XL is a bolt-action breech-loaded dart blaster. The breech in which darts are loaded is revealed by pulling back on the priming bolt. It also features an integrated carry handle, as well as storage for up to six darts at a time underneath the muzzle.

It advertises three different blaster "modes": Short Range Mode, Long Range Mode, and Expert Mode; modes do not affect how the blaster is fired or its performance.

An accessory rail is located on top of the carry handle, where the included scope is meant to be equipped.


The Destroyer XL is a modified re-release of the Air Zone Quickfire Sniper; it shares the same shell as the Quickfire Sniper, but is breech-loaded, rather than clip-fed.


  • The dart storage on the Destroyer XL is made out of an upside-down six dart clip which is permanently attached and cannot be removed. This sits in what was originally the Quickfire Sniper's clip well.


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