The DeltaBurst is a Nerf laser blaster that was released in fall of 2018 under the Laser Ops series. It requires six "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with an armband, a solo-play accessory, and instructions.


The DeltaBurst is a laser blaster with three-shot burst fire. When fired, the blaster produces artificial recoil, and a faux bolt moves back and forth. It features an integrated shoulder stock to help suppress recoil and improve aiming accuracy. The blaster's receiver dome is located just above the muzzle and emitter; firing at this receiver dome will register as a hit on an opponent.

By default, the AlphaPoint has a firing capacity of eighteen shots. This, along with health points and more, can be upgraded through the use of the Laser Ops Pro app.

Under the barrel is a reload switch, which "reloads" the blaster when low on laser ammo. This can be used to switch between three team colors prior to game: blue, red, for team matches, and purple, for free-for-all matches. When a player runs out of hits, the light deactivates to show they're out of the match.

It has an LCD screen on the back half of the blaster, which can be used to track in-game stats on the fly, such as remaining hits and ammunition. If the player wishes to play with a smart phone, the solo-play accessory can be attached to the front to hold a smart phone in place.

The blaster's power switch is located on the right side. When powered on, the DeltaBurst's internal light and the LCD screen activates. Below that is a switch for choosing indoor or outdoor play. An internal speaker is also located on the right side.

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